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Letter: Kudos to city leaders

Strong critics usually have an agenda we may not be able to discern, so as they say, "Buyer beware."

Political life has become a matter of priorities and staying focused. All good-sounding ideas can't be funded, so there are winners and losers. You know, just like at home.

Those who advocate for programs that do not get approved need to get on with their life when everything doesn't go their way and dust off their shoulders. No room for chips in this community.

In the midst of the political turmoil and daily "no this, no that," I want to take a moment to say thank you to our city's leadership for their ability to keep their eye on the ball and continue to do a great job.

Distractions and petty grumbling aside, the City Council and Mayor Frank Yanish are to be commended for their attention to details that make a difference in how they spend our money.

They will not become a rubber stamp for doing business the old way and they get to the right answer by asking questions and having civil discourse.

Kudos to city staff, council and mayor.

Orvis Pattison