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Letter: Kudos to local government


On behalf of the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, we would like to acknowledge our local elected leaders, their administration and staff for their refreshing response they have publicly displayed in regards to the tough unallotment decisions the governor had to make to balance the budget. When you hear them saying, "Local government aid cuts were no surprise and the city is prepared"; "We're prepared for the state reductions and will make the difficult decisions to balance our budget"; and "We will find ways to live within our means just like so many businesses and families have to do."

In these difficult economic times, everyone has to tighten their belts and we applaud our local government for doing so with professionalism, fairness and realizing that everyone has to do their fair share versus running around saying the sky is falling or playing the blame game. They are good examples in extraordinary times that we have never seen and we soon hope is in the rearview mirror.

Ken Warner, President

Willmar Lakes Area

Chamber of Commerce