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Letter: Lap dogs in the media

The more I listen to and read from the major news outlets, the more stunned I become of what's not reported. Oh, sure, we had wall-to-wall coverage of the balloon boy and Rush Limbaugh's comments, which both turned out to be false, by the way.

Seems the media is getting pretty good at being duped. Now enter Anita Dunn, the White House press coordinator. In an interview she bragged, and I quote, "We told the press how the campaign would be covered and how he (Obama) would be presented." Now we hear the White House saying Fox News doesn't count because they have a "perspective". Wow, in your life did you ever think you would hear a White House say such things and get away with it?

What has happened to our constitutionally protected watchdogs, the media? If Nixon would have tried this -- no, wait, he did and was busted by, and rightfully so, the media. Now I know that the execs at ABC, NBC, and CBS feel as though they have a big buddy in the Oval Office. They have got to know if you don't stand for one you don't like you might be next.

Michael Loos

New London