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Letter: Lessons from Elm Lane

Do you remember Elm Lake trailer court?

I lived there in the early 1960s. It was privately owned by Willmar people and it was nice.

The kids played outside and I didn't even lock my car. About the most serious problems were frozen pipes.

Then I moved away. I don't know what happened to Elm Lane, but it became an empty court. You who lived in Willmar then could most likely tell me a lot of stories.

The trailers were destroyed. Some were brought out to the landfill still with rotting food and dirty toilets.

Just recently, an article in the Tribune was about limited years we have with this landfill.

Now we have two trailer courts, same problems. Out of 180 trailers, 150 of them are not in compliance.

What will happen to these? Will more be brought to the already troubled landfill? That will decrease the landfill years even more.

Owners and people living in Elm Lane in those last years did not take responsibility. Now we have two trailer courts. What didn't you learn from Elm Lane?

Carolyn Moore