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Letter: Lessons from the recount

The final results still aren't known in the Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken. In my opinion, the long, drawn-out recount process is beginning to wear on people's nerves. Now it looks as though the courts will have the final say as to who is the winner.

From my point of view, the way the recount has been conducted up to this point is akin to a couple of kids in a sandbox, fighting over a new toy. In my opinion, a run-off election would have been the best way to have settled the controversy between Coleman and Franken. Of course, there are those who claim that a run-off election would have been too expensive.

The way the recount is going, the legal fees are probably going to cost more than it would have cost to have held a run-off election. The final cost in legal fees won't be known until the courts have determined a winner. How long that process is going to take is anybody's guess. It could take from a few weeks up to several months, and must I remind you, legal fees are very expensive.

There's already been talk about changing the way we hold elections. Something should be done to streamline the process.

The confusion surrounding the correct way to fill out a ballot definitely has to be solved. Statewide early voting is one possibility that is being considered. The experts feel that would give the voter more time to fill out the ballot, which, in theory, would help improve accuracy. However, I have my doubts about that. People still have to learn how to read and follow directions.

Reading skills come into play here. A person who has difficulty reading and understanding directions is undoubtedly going to have difficulty filling out something as confusing as a ballot.

In my opinion, if a ballot isn't filled out correctly, it simply shouldn't be counted. That would solve the problem. Common sense still has to prevail.

If a job applicant failed to properly fill out an employment application, they probably wouldn't get the job.

Norm Baker