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Letter: Let the wealthy pay more taxes

I can't stand it any longer. I have to respond to the action of state and national Republicans who care not at all for the common person. President Obama is criticized for spending while those complaining didn't say a thing while Bush destroyed the surplus he received from Democrats.

I've read that the most unfair tax is the property tax. Gov. Pawlenty shows the typical selfish Republican reaction by vetoing the Democrat budget plan which called for increased taxes for the wealthy. We've had lowered taxes on the wealthy for eight years during the Bush catastrophe and it didn't work. It worked for the Democrats along with a good economy.

Now Pawlenty will decrease local government aid, causing increased property taxes. He's also an advocate of bonding which increases the costs on future generations. It's more economical to pay as you go, which Democrats advocate.

Increase taxes on the wealthy and they won't suffer. Rather than two trips to the Bahamas, they may take only one each year. The argument often suggests it will harm small business and we can't do that in these financially strapped times. To me it comes down to income. If a person has a large or small business and they have a big income, they aren't hurting. I can understand if a business is in trouble one wouldn't want to increase their tax rate but that business wouldn't be making big money and therefore wouldn't have a tax increase. I can't understand how the average person could support the Republican position which protects the rich while making life difficult for themselves.