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Letter: Let's appreciate city workers

I'm writing on behalf of the Community Marketing Coalition to thank Ron Gilbertson and his staff with the City of Willmar Public Works Department for installing the new "Welcome to Willmar" banners on the major entrances to the city. This is another great service they provide that goes unnoticed but is done with community pride and employee loyalty to the community.

The objective of the Community Marketing Coalition is to create an overall positive image of the Willmar area by educating local residents, the trade area and the state of Minnesota on the strengths of the community by providing a consistent and cohesive message about the Willmar lakes area.

One of the projects the CMC has is the ongoing replacement of the "Welcome to Willmar" banners. We think that these banners will give a positive welcome to those entering our community from the north, south, east or west.

When I asked Mr. Gilbertson about once again putting up the new banners, he said that they would be happy to do so and he was eager to see what the new ones looked like. Willmar is very fortunate to have such longevity in their employees who are loyal to the community of which they serve. They take great pride in their work and seem to always have that "can do" attitude despite unfair criticism they sometimes receive just because they are a public employee. We won't know how good we had it until some of these good people start to retire and we hope that our elected officials and the general citizenry appreciate what good people we have.

We again want to thank the city of Willmar employees for helping us to make the Willmar area a better place to live, work, play, learn and do business, and because of your efforts, making all who visit our area feel welcome with the "Welcome to Willmar" banners. Another job well done, guys!

Ken Warner, President Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce