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Letter: Let's bring back the band

Like others, I am disappointed at the absence of the Willmar High School marching band at the recent hometown and local parades.

Since I voted in favor of the past school tax increases, I am wondering what can be done beyond tax increases to reactivate the marching band program. What would be the actual cost to revive and maintain a program so our students would be able to march and represent our community in our local parades?

We have students, uniforms, instruments, facilities and the time to practice. If marching band cannot be a part of the regular school year, could it be held as a summer program? Could a summer intern conduct such a program? If such a program is established, we might find that parents and other adults would actively support such a program in areas such as transportation. Local sponsors might step forward if they were aware of what funds would be required to get our band back in our parade.

I realize that our school system is currently dealing with issues that are larger than getting the Willmar High School band back in the Willmar parade. However, the more people I talk to, the more I hear "Bring back the band."

Alida Rampaart