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Letter: Let’s consider mayor’s option

Thank you to the Kandiyohi County Commissioners and Chairman Harlan Madsen for supporting Mayor Frank Yanish’s excellent white paper, option C, which supported investigating innovative collaboration between governmental entities, particularly the human resources function in the first phase.

To refresh our collective memory, the mayor’s proposal, when first released, received less than a lukewarm reception publicly as well as from some elected officials and business leaders.

Sadly, the riches of this paper’s observations were overshadowed by what some perceived as negatives, a few of which I will mention here: the mayor didn’t confer with leaders of the involved entities prior to public release; he met with “secret advisors” (I challenge any elected leader to deny they have advisors or consult on an informal basis with constituents to gain knowledge and perspective); benefit to be derived from collaboration needed more detail (the organizational study lacked concrete benefits of any kind).

Most importantly, the mayor has demonstrated his desire to lead our city forward, and I challenge Moving Willmar Forward and residents of the city of Willmar to read for yourself what his vision and strategy are in option C at this link:

I sincerely hope we can bring healing of past unproductive conflicts as we come together with a mutual desire to see a better future for all of us. Old proverb: United we stand, divided we fall.

Linda Kacher


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