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Letter: Listen to the debates

Well, the pitbull with lipstick is causing quite a stir across America from her fashion statement eyeglasses to her confidence in rearing five children, being a state governor, a devoted housewife and now a contender for vice president of the United States. Wow!

This must be a reincarnation of Wonder Woman, right? Not so fast, folks. Just a couple months ago, few people had ever heard of Sarah Palin, and now with the election less than 50 days away, some right-wing radicals are calling this unknown ladder climber "a breath of fresh air," which doesn't say much for this party's past performance, does it?

Unless McCain can reel in this loose cannon sidekick very soon, he's in real trouble. Please note how he's staying in the background (good choice) and watching the polls, hoping her charm will catapult him to the presidency. Remember just six months ago, he was ready to throw in the towel.

But wait. Help is on the way. The debates are coming up soon and McCain's "Klondike cutie" will be forced to focus on the real issues like ending this senseless and costly war, paying off a $10 trillion debt, stopping the implosion of our banks and brokerage firms, stopping illegal immigration, etc., etc. These are not future problems; they must be dealt with immediately.

Hopefully every voter will listen to the debates and study the issues. The result will be a better choice based on facts, experience and common sense. Remember who managed us out of Reagan's $6 trillion national deficit? Well, it can happen again, but one thing is for sure: it's going to take a different administration than we've had for the past eight years. Enough, Washington!

Larry Faber