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Letter: Lives depend on your vote

The Democrat Party convention promoted abortion as a woman's right to make a life or death decision over another human. As speakers concluded their remarks, including President Obama, they said, "God bless America."

One has to wonder what "God" were they referring to? It certainly is not the God of Abraham, Moses or Jesus. The God of the Bible would never bless what America is doing to our unborn.

I ask you, the reader, do you believe there is a God? Do you believe God has given us a soul that lives on after our bodies are gone? So when do you think God gives us our soul? Is it just as we emerge from our mother's womb? Or at six months after conception (current legal abortion limit)? Or at one month, one hour? Or is it like God sees it, when we are created, at conception?

President Obama takes the extreme opposite perspective. As a state senator, he was the only one who supported killing babies who survive an attempted abortion (infanticide). Please, see abortion through God's eyes, vote like lives depend on you. They do. Since Roe v. Wade, we have terminated 56 million babies with souls.

Rod Borden