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Letter: Living within our means

On one of the major TV networks, there is a game show called "Jeopardy." On this show, the contestants have a series of questions to answer, and each player has to guess the correct answer. At the end they also have to decide how much money they want to put in jeopardy while they try to defeat their opponents.

The same type of game is being played out in Washington, D.C., as well as in St. Paul. And our so-called leaders on the left are playing a game to see just how far they can tax and spend. They don't seem to understand that if the government fails to pay its bills, they can't be called a winner. If someone is a conservative, and wants to cut spending, they will most likely be branded as an extremist, followed by quoting a few passages from the Bible in an effort to try to support their argument.

Recently, I read an article that stated that Admiral Mullen (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) wants to cut the pay of our armed forces -- the very same people who are our first line of defense! Maybe Congress should consider ordering cuts to their own payroll and benefit packages, but everybody knows that won't happen!

We see TV ads that accuse the Republicans of wanting to shut down state government, and not wanting to tax the rich. According to the Tax Foundation, Minnesota had a combined state and federal corporate tax rate of 41.4 percent for 2008, and we have a governor who wants to raise taxes! Is it Gov. Dayton's goal to have Minnesota listed as No. 1 in the world for corporate taxes?

If America and Minnesota are to survive and grow, we must cut spending and learn how to live within our means. We just can't keep opening credit card accounts and keep on maxing them out. If we insist on doing that, the same thing will happen to us that has been happening to Greece and to other European socialist countries, because they're bankrupt.

Earl Pederson