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Letter: Local health care entities operated by local boards

This is a response to Brian Wojtalewicz's letter. You suggest that all of the local hospitals and clinics would be shut down if we are to eliminate socialism. These were all started to provide health care for the local communities as nonprofits and are all run by our local governments and run by our locally elected boards, not run by appointed Washington bureaucrats.

You write about the great single-payer systems in Canada and England. What about the 4,000 mothers in England who have given birth in elevators, bathrooms and hallways? You write about all of the operations that the seniors receive in Canada and England. What about all the Canadians citizens -- young and old -- who choose not to have to wait and that come to America for their health care?

You seem to think that the government is the answer to our health care dilemma, and I say take a look at Social Security (mismanaged and just about busted), Medicare and Medicaid (same boat), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (mismanaged and just about busted).

Stimulus bill? Most of it will be spent just before the next election (2011). Why? To make Obama and the Democrats look good. Also the stimulus bill is loaded with pork and earmarks, surprise, surprise.

You say get rid of the local entities (sewer, water, public schools) and I again remind you that these are run by local boards who are locally elected and who a lot of times have to follow unfunded government mandates. Not by some appointed Washington bureaucrats.

Earl Pederson