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Letter: The loss of Garfield School

Concerning the sale of Garfield School: I knocked on about 30 doors in the Garfield neighborhood to get their opinion of the proposal. I'd say I got 29 negative comments about selling the building.

The park is a big asset to the neighborhood. If the building is sold to the Islamic Society, what do you think will happen to the park?

Look what happened downtown. We've lost downtown. Are we also going to lose residential areas?

There is now going to be a co-op grocery store downtown. Could the school have similar results to individuals or groups that all could enjoy? The rooms could be rented and set up to sell handmade items, children's books or toys, European-type breads, cosmetics (teaching applying, selling, and even doing facials.) Maybe a room to teach languages. For a small fee mothers could leave their children while they shop. Could the KAT bus pick up and drop off people?

Now, I ask myself, "Am I wasting my time?" My suspicions tell me the decision has already been made. Is it a done deal? Have Willmar residents lost out?

I hope I don't have to say "I told you so."

Carolyn Moore