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Letter: MACCRAY should compromise

I attended the MACCRAY School Board meeting on Oct. 14.

The school board passed a resolution, on a 5 to 1 vote, authorizing a special election on Jan. 7 to put to the voters of MACCRAY School District 2180, the proposal to pass a bonding bill for $20 million.

The money would build a new elementary school in Clara City and close the elementary schools in Maynard and Raymond.

I am writing this letter in opposition to the resolution.

My memories of Maynard, Clara City and Raymond working toward cooperation and collaboration agreement in 1989.

The Minnesota Department of Education was involved. Clara City was unable to continue because of debt and being in the red. Clara City was unable to pass a funding referendum.

Maynard and Raymond each has a good financial fund balance. Because of Maynard and Raymond’s strong financial condition, all three schools were allowed to move forward with consolidation.

It was decided elementary schools stay in towns of Maynard and Raymond. Clara City elementary students would be divided to the Maynard and Raymond schools. All high school students would go to the Clara City High School.

Maynard, Clara City and Raymond citizens bought into this agreement.

Compromise was at work for this settlement.

Since 1994 the very rural edges of MACCRAY have been supportive for levy and fund requirements.

Not only the rural, also the communities of Maynard and Raymond support the MACCRAY school system. They have been very committed to its success.

When we who are committed to our home towns of Maynard and Raymond and then are told not to be so committed to our home towns and schools, it does not fit very well. It alienates us from our support of the original agreement. We become uncomfortable and resist.

The agreement we put together in our consolidation was agreed by all three schools and it works well.

Let’s bring our school buildings up to code just like was done in Clara City in 2013 and move on.

End result will be compromise and will help our MACCRAY School District 2180 operate in peace.

Kenneth Koenen