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Letter: The Madoff school of business

Did Bernie Madoff, before he went to the big house, teach at "Screw You University"? It seems we have a lot of graduates from that school of business. I recently wanted to buy a new dryer but thought I should check on delivery costs before I did anything. Well, surprise, surprise!! The costs ranged from $70 to free. One place actually gives you free delivery if they put it in your garage but $50 if they bring it into your basement. Also, the charges at some stores varied depending on the cost of the dryer. Why?

I remember when a merchant was so tickled to make a sale that he almost wept and charged no delivery fee. I think he would have walked your dog if you asked. Business doesn't seem to realize that we are in the same position today as we were during the Depression and there just isn't the money out there. Look at the cost of food. The farmer must be getting exceedingly wealthy (he is the first to be screwed) when a box of cereal costs $4 or a loaf of bread almost the same.

The greed in our country today is outstanding and on every level. When I see all of the attached fees whether it is a bank, utilities, garbage hauler, telephone company, cable company, credit card companies, or any other business, I think, "Oh, another of Bernie's graduates." He might have been No. 1 one on the greed hit parade but he has many emulators.

It's time for the consumer to start screaming about the unfairness of the whole deal.

You have a voice -- use it!

Patricia Carter Harding