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Letter: Maintaining voter integrity

The Republican Party has learned that large voter turnout means their candidates are less likely to win. To discourage people from voting they would like to see us all carry voter identification cards to the polls. No card, no vote.

They try to instill fear in the public by maintaining that illegal aliens and convicted felons are distorting our elections. They point to the Coleman/Franken recount as evidence even though the Minnesota Supreme Court has validated the recount.

Society has yet to come up with any type of identification which can't be forged. What's next? How about a literacy test? People who can't read certainly shouldn't vote. Or maybe a poll tax so only people who own property or have wealth can vote. Such Jim Crow laws in the Southern states were very successful in preventing people from voting.

Certainly voter ID cards will need to be renewed from time to time -- how about charging a fee to renew? Gov. Pawlenty certainly knows how to raise fees because he doesn't consider them to be a tax.

Minnesota enjoys an excellent reputation for voter integrity. We should not make casting our ballots any more difficult than it is. For this reason and others including education, health care reform, local government aid and equitable taxation, Mark Dayton, Larry Rice and Al Juhnke deserve our support on election day.

Marlin Henjum

New London