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Letter: Majority stands for the right

As urged by previous writers I watched the Willmar City Council Organizational Study Meeting for myself. It was pleasing to see that the majority of five Willmar City Council members was doing what we elected them to do, represent us.

The majority of citizens know that Councilmen Ron Christianson, Tim Johnson, Steve Ahmann, Jim Dokken, and Rick Fagerlie are doing their job. West Central Tribune and Moving Willmar Forward’s prolonged unjustified personal attacks on them are evidence of them being effective leaders. It is sad that the “professionals” have sunk so low by reverting to childish behavior, bullying these five to get their own way. The majority’s commitment to stand up for what is right and good for the City of Willmar is commendable.

A good leader does not move people forward without an achievable goal and adaptable plan. The study was filled with too many generalities. This was noted when Councilwoman Audrey Nelsen couldn’t address the specific efficiencies of Option A and deferred her response to City Administrator Charlene Stevens. It would have been foolish, not brave, to move forward without facts. Thankfully, the majority of five exercised wisdom and common sense.

The majority of five protected us from more wasteful spending and city bureaucracy. The majority respectfully understand that many households are struggling in these tough economic times and can’t afford more tax burden. It is time the Moving Willmar Forward bankers and businesses use their money for their special interests not ours. Thanks to the majority of five for being accountable to us.

May the majority of five wear West Central Tribune’s and Moving Willmar Forward’s nasty untruthful comments as badges of honor. If they were doing nothing, they would not be the target of such hostility. Thank you, Councilmen Christianson, Johnson, Ahmann, Dokken, and Fagerlie for fighting the good fight for us. You all deserve our gratitude and loyalty.

Karen Nelson