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Letter: Make the right budget cuts

Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, wants to cut health programs, so let's start with his health benefits and those of our politicians. Our public and political employees make out like bandits compared to private-sector employees and their benefits. Pawlenty has hinted for a public employee freeze, but that's as far as that goes.

Our politicians are the only ones to vote when it comes to benefits for them. Maybe if we elect new politicians every four years we wouldn't have those automatic pay raises and hopefully smaller pensions for these politicians. Pawlenty should borrow from the politicians' pension fund and clear the books of the state debt. One of our local politicians has the highest per diem in the state. I think I should get a part time job as a politician.

College tuition is going up as usual. Do the college professors ever get a wage freeze? A lot of them could be graded on whether the students can pick up on the subject or whether the students can understand the professor's English language. The elections are over now, so why aren't any politicians talking about immigration?

The money we save on all the programs for illegals, we could use for police departments and court systems for illegals. As we have seen, our three big car companies need help paying all that expensive union help to build cars. If unions didn't get paid so much, the cars wouldn't cost as much so more people could buy new cars. Unions were started for good reasons, but now they're more like loan sharks demanding more. People deserve to be paid fairly for an honest day's work, not just because they are in a union and can't be fired.

Is our governor like our ex-senator that travels a lot out of the country? If our governor was as dedicated to his state like he was when traveling for Senator McCain, he would be the people's governor. He and many others from all parties are not the people's politicians but the party politicians.

Mike Serbus