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Letter: Making an informed decision

Why am I voting yes for the Renville County West bond election? My husband and I own land in the district. Our taxes will increase.

My taxes will increase either way the vote goes. If yes passes, my taxes will go toward a new school. If no passes, my taxes will go toward a health and safety levy to repair old buildings. Eventually my taxes will go to build a new school. If it isn't in the RCW district, I will be assigned to another school district and pay taxes in a neighboring community. My yes vote allows me to invest my tax dollars in my own community.

I have read the newsletters; I have listened to the presentations; I have reviewed the school's Web site; I have asked questions and been informed. This is what education is all about, learning about your options, and deciding what option to choose. Voting yes is my informed decision.

Danette Hendrickson

Sacred Heart