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Letter: Many questions, few answers

The Spicer city ordinance which is posted by the cemetery reads, in part: "City ordinance prohibits any decorative ornaments, trees, shrubs, or flowering plants near headstones." (The sign, by the way, is not very conspicuous and is easily missed.)

We have some questions about this ordinance.

At the city council meeting on Tuesday, June 7, we posed some questions to the mayor and council members, but there seemed to be no answers. We were given a vague answer about "policy." Where would we find this policy? There is nothing in the minutes of the meetings, nor is there any mention of this ordinance/policy in the current city of Spicer cemetery policy.

When was this ordinance proposed? When was it adopted? The citizens of Spicer were not told about the implementation of this ordinance; we were not told when the ordinance was proposed, nor were we told when the ordinance was adopted. This ordinance was never presented to the public, nor to those who own cemetery plots where their loved ones are buried!

Wouldn't it have been easy to have placed a notice of the implementation of said ordinance in the local newspaper, or to have sent a notice to each cemetery plot owner (many who live out of state or town) before Memorial Day?

We feel that the Spicer City Council and the mayor were remiss in not clarifying the intent of this ordinance (which does not seem to include the edict to remove the artificial or live flowers the day after Memorial Day). We feel, too, that the council should have notified the people of Spicer when the ordinance went into effect.

Arlene Gould