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Letter: Mayor needs to try harder

Recent letters showed the true reflection of Mayor Frank Yanish and his followers. Yes, I met Mayor Yanish. Yes, I am new to this beautiful country of ours and yes, Willmar is my home.

That doesn’t mean I care less about our community growth. That doesn’t mean I don’t pay my share. If I didn’t care and wasn’t part of this community, I wouldn’t have taken part in the All-America City nor would I have commented about our mayor’s letter.

As far as criticizing council members, nobody did. These types of communications are meant to inform the community and let our leaders know that there are concerned citizens out there.

It is very obvious as to why these recent comments have started. It’s one man’s comment that surprised the community. Comments such as “Get over it” and “It’s a man’s job”, referring to recent rumors that the mayor had referred to the city administrator, are why we are concerned.

Community diversity is not a one-time shot, it’s an ongoing effort that reflects on each and every individual in our community. The concept that cultural groups are not needed in our community is absurd.

Utmost respect goes out to our community leaders, dedicated councilmen and hardworking individuals that take and endure difficult decision-making.

There is no doubt Mayor Yanish is trying hard but he needs to try harder. He needs to learn. He needs to open a dialogue with all of the community. If he can’t handle the pressure, maybe he should pursue a different career.

Mohamed Sayid