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Letter: Mesmerized by big money

Recently Fred Cogelow referred to the “smell” of the Hormel deal, thereby reminding all of us of the horrible smell we endured for so long. With all the problems this company has caused why would anyone want to help Jennie-O expand? We have been told repeatedly that any town that has a packing plant also has big problems. How will we know? I’m reminded every time I write a check to the utilities to pay for my really big sewer bill — thanks Jennie-O.

Now we need to deal with Hormel. Their track record is not better. It’s amazing how many people still talk about that horrible strike at their home plant when the National Guard had to be called out to restore peace and protect lives.

If our elected officials are going to give some of our land to this wealthy corporation (and some tax relief, too?) then, in return, the city should get a guarantee that this facility will be operated humanely, assuring all their employees a “living wage” plus great benefits. The company should have a good plan for profit sharing with all of their employees. The good companies have such plans.

One man at the council meeting said we should be proud to have a Fortune 500 company in our town. What a silly statement. It is the colossal, disgusting greed from these huge corporations that is ruining our country. Think of the recent fall from grace of General Motors. They cared nothing that their cars were killing people. Great some people were paying attention. Some are mesmerized by big money and huge corporations.

The disparity between the top 2 percent who control our nation’s wealth and the rest of us at the bottom has to change soon or our nation will surely become a third world country.

With our widespread poverty, homeless people, low, low wages for struggling families, and children going to bed hungry, we are well on our way.

We should all want our country back from these megamillionaires and greedy corporations whose only gods are profit and money.

Mayme Lynch