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Letter: A message from across the sea

From across the sea there came a message this morning that should be a call to action to everyone, from the least to the greatest in our purview. It is nothing less than a command to leave our lazy, self-satisfied ways, to smell the coffee, and to wake up and rouse ourselves, every one of us, from lethargy to effective action.

The message this morning consisted of a simple, but at the same time profound statement from the Alfred Nobel Institute announcing that it had awarded the Nobel Award for Peace to the president of the United States.

The message comes from Sweden, a country that has not been engaged in a war since 1815 and all this time has maintained an army centered on defense that even the predatory Adolf Hitler engaged in a purpose to control the whole world did not attack.

It arises from a country that before 1815 was heavily engaged in perpetual warfare that prostrated its people and led its leaders to engage in something new, diplomacy. It instituted and still continues a diplomacy fortified by a consistent otherwise interest in assisting in the diplomatic resolution of affairs between nations and a warning to everyone that while we practice the ways of peace we will not be a pansy to anyone who might attack us.

It is nothing less than a call to each of us, from the president and the members of Congress, state governmental and legislative leaders, from all holding positions of power and influence, in fact, from all our people to turn from looking only for our own but dedicated to the welfare of all.

George Hulstrand