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Letter: Miller has integrity

Every election year we continue to hear and see a lot of negative ads attacking candidates, telling half-truths, and some outright lies. Candidates spend so much time talking about what is wrong with the other person or party, instead of saying what they stand for and why they are best for the job. I wonder when they will learn this has a negative effect on us. I am so glad that this year those in District 17A have risen above the name calling and dirty politics.

I would be proud to call Tim Miller my next state representative. Tim has a plan to get our state out of debt without raising taxes. He cares about all our schools and students. He cares about our families, businesses, and communities. He is willing to talk with people about their concerns, even if they disagree with him. He always answers my calls and emails.

Tim Miller will serve our district with honesty and integrity. He cares about what is important to us. Marriage as God instituted with one man and one woman. Right to life from conception to natural death. Education provided for all students K-12 with school choice for families. He would not have voted for a Vikings stadium bill funded by state run gambling. He will work to see the prison in Appleton open. He will work to keep government working as our constitution states and keep us free of government oppression. He will be a leader who represents us.

I have been on the campaign trail with Tim and his family, participated in many parades, meet and greets, forums, phone conferences, etc. Wondered if his campaign slogan should have been "Run with Tim" instead of "Stand with Tim." He has been diligent door knocking and meeting many in our District 17A. He is worthy of our vote Nov. 6.

Beth Schlangen