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Letter: Miller mischaracterizes forum

Tim Miller stated that I lied about a forum in Clara City.

I have in front of me the article in the Clara City paper which clearly states that only the Mayor, City Council, and our district commissioner candidates are invited to speak.

There is no mention of any state candidates for any office to speak. I also emailed Andrew Falk when I got home and he said he was not invited.

Miller pushed his way in, how I do not know. Did somebody call him that saw the article in the paper? That I do not know. Miller should have checked the facts with the paper before attending if that happened.

Now he is trying to twist the facts in his favor by calling me a liar, when, in fact, he is showing his true colors by pushing his way into a meeting that very clearly was for city candidates only. He's saying that it was not his fault that Andrew Falk did not show up, when in fact Falk was playing by the rules by not showing up. Rules which Miller has shown he does not believe in or has to abide by.

A person who says he can play by his own rules is not one I would want to represent me in the Legislature. It is that kind of attitude, which started under Pawlenty, that turned me from an Independent to a Democrat (I voted for Pawlenty in his first term) and is being carried on by Miller.

Harlan Broers

Clara City