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Letter: Miller wants to protect top 3 percent

I attended a meet your local candidate's function last week. It was for county commissioners and council and mayor candidates.

For about 1½ hours, incumbents told us how the state has cut money to the cities, county, townships, schools, etc. which is hurting the amount of service that they can give to the people, and how they are struggling not to lay people off.

When they were all done, a candidate for state representative conned a young inexperienced moderator into letting him talk, even though the forum was only for city people and commissioners.

Tim Miller got up to talk, and it was like he never heard a word these people had said. He immediately started going on about how the state had to cut back on spending and that cities, townships, counties and schools were going to have to be cut more. He said nothing about the money the legislature borrowed from the schools to balance the budget, just that there would be no tax increase on the top 3 percent. Tim Miller spent five minutes saying he did not care about the small towns and cities or the rural townships only about the top 3 percent.

What really shows you what kind of person Tim Miller is, is when he pushed his way into a meeting that was not for state candidates, but he didn't care. He only cares about Tim Miller, and he does not have to abide by any rules if he doesn't want to.

My impression is that Tim Miller is self-centered and arrogant and not interested in anything but himself. I would never have a cup of coffee with anybody that is as arrogant and obnoxious as he is.

If you are interested in the welfare of your city, township or county I would advise voting against Tim Miller as he is only interested in himself and the top 3 percent which he proved at that mayor, council and county commissioner forum. No state office candidates were invited.

Harlan Broers

Chippewa County DFL chairman

Clara City