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Letter: In Minnesota, we have MNsure

Your editorial — “Health care website needs fixing now” — addresses the challenges that the system is having across the country. However, this story can cause some confusion with your readers and prevent them from exploring their health care options. The vast majority of your readers, and all Minnesota residents, should be reminded that this troubled national system is not where we will go when inquiring about health care.

Minnesota, along with about a dozen other states, has a state health care exchange. That exchange is called MNsure.

MNsure is not insurance, but an online health insurance mall where we can explore the options we have for insurance. And one does not need to be turned down by private insurers to qualify. Nor do you have to be of low income to qualify (lower income may qualify you for a subsidy on the premiums though).

I have explored the MNsure site. I found the experience typical for a tech Neanderthal like me… a little confusing. But like most online excursions, if I exercised patience, I got through it. Heck, it is easier than trying to find out what I can buy with my credit card points!

Roger Imdieke

New London