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Letter: Misleading tactics

If you repeat something over and over again, people tend to believe the statements are true. Unfortunately supporters of Sen. Lyle Koenen and House candidate Mary Sawatzky are using this deceptive political tactic to distort their opponent's voting record.

In my August West Central Tribune letter to the editor, I addressed the misleading and false information from the Alliance for a Better Minnesota regarding the elimination of the homestead market value credit. This liberal PAC is at it again, along with Public Safety Matters, the Minnesota DFL Party and the Minnesota education union. They are incorrectly alleging that Sen. Joe Gimse and Rep. Bruce Vogel eliminated the Minnesota homestead credit to hurt our schools and law enforcement.

To reiterate the truth of the matter, the support for reform was broad-based until the campaign season arrived. Gov. Dayton supported and signed this bill. This credit program was not working, especially when planning the budget. The problem was the state wasn't able to fully reimburse our cities and counties for their cost. Needed reform was initiated by replacing the homestead credit with the homestead market value exclusion, which gave direct relief to homeowners of low to middle income.

Gimse and Vogel value and respect teachers and law enforcement officers. The PACs supporting the campaigns of Sen. Koenen and House candidate Sawatzky need to stop the fear-mongering and innuendos. It is not Minnesota nice.

Discernment is vital. Replace the political jargon with reliable unbiased resources. Hopefully you will then join me in voting for visionary strong leadership and re-elect Sen. Joe Gimse and Rep. Bruce Vogel. These family men and friends of teachers and law enforcement officers had the courage to take a step forward in improving our tax system.

Karen Nelson