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Letter: More memories of Lincoln

Earlier this summer the Tribune ran an article regarding the planned closing of the Lincoln grade school. Doug Mossberg, a member of the first-grade class of 1934, responded with a letter to this forum sharing his memories of the school. Because I too had been a member of that class, I wrote to Doug to let him know this, although I had moved away from Willmar just before the end of my second grade. Doug and I became acquainted a few years ago through a common interest unrelated to the school, each of us unaware of our earlier association.

Between the two of us we could recall the names of 14 members, including ourselves. In particular I remember our teacher, Ms. Alice R. Yeager, because I still consider her one of my best teachers. Although I had moved to another school district, some 10 years later she sent me a congratulatory note upon the occasion of my high school graduation.

Another teacher, actually our gym or physical education leader, Ms. Hattie Rosentreter, left an indelible mark on me. She in her black stockings and tights, the epitome of Wagner's Brunhild, combined with an athletic and towering frame, left me somewhere between awed and terrified. Despite this I just admired the way she led us through disciplined physical drills during those breaks from the classroom.

Are there any more members of the "first-grade class of 1934" who still live in this area and would like to express their thoughts and memories of Lincoln through this forum? Or perhaps relatives or descendants of the families who lived in Sperryville or the "East End"?

Roy Flaten