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Letter: The mounting cost of war

On April 15, NBC newscaster Brian Williams listed, in percentages, the taxes the Tea Party members complain about. He also pointed out that 30 percent was covered by borrowed money. I was impressed until I realized his list had not included war-related expenditures.

The following is a list of the costs for items in the 2011 federal discretionary budget sent to Congress in January 2010 by President Obama. The list was compiled, in rounded numbers, by the American Friends Service Committee.

First, military and war-related items: the Defense Department, the war, the Veterans Affairs Department and the nuclear weapons program, 59 percent.

The other 41 percent: Health and Human Services, 6 percent; transportation, 6 percent; state, 4 percent; education, 4 percent; other programs, 4 percent; Department of Homeland Security, 3 percent; Housing and Urban Development, 3 percent; Justice, 2 percent; agriculture, 2 percent; NASA, 1 percent; energy, 1 percent; labor, 1 percent; Treasury, 1 percent; Commerce, 1 percent.

This is how the taxes we pay and the money we borrow is slated to be spent next year. It is not just the Tea Party crowd but all of us who close our eyes to the real drain on our economy.

Obama and Bush are trapped in the same mess Bush and Cheney found themselves in -- trying to end a war so it will appear our soldiers did not die in vain.

Get over it! Stop the search for glory from interfering with common sense. We are badly in need of a period of peace. Without it, we will never solve our country's financial problems.

Warren Crackel