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Letter: The musings of Sen. McCain

Poor Sen. John McCain. The whole time the Republicans had the government shut down, you could watch him on C-Span at the Capitol, especially on the floor of the Senate. He was always wringing his hands or pacing, hands behind his back, a drawn, worried look on his face.

Musing, like a Shakespearean king, about his renegade Republicans, self-named the Tea Party. Why would they cause such a ruckus inside the staid, immovable Republican Party?

One wonders if his musings included the fact that it was he who put a face on the Tea Party, and a pretty one at that. When he realized he was not going to win the election, he contemptuously nominated Sarah Palin to be his vice president. Some people loved her beauty and wit and did not seem to mind what magazines she read or didn’t read; what kind of governor she had been and accepted the claim that she could actually see Russia from her front porch.

Unbelievably, Republicans whose philosophical message to government is usually “get off our backs except in our bedrooms,” didn’t even seem to mind her unorthodox family.

Rebellious and/or fun-loving Republicans responded to the pretty face and down-home wit, and started tossing tea bags helter-skelter, some of them wet enough to leave stains on the Republican Party.

I wonder if the government shutdown brought on by his gleeful and errant knights is causing Sen. John McCain to wonder what he has wrought; hence the puzzled and grandfatherly sternness in his face as he does his Shakespearean pacing.

Heck! I don’t have a problem with any of this. I just wondered if anyone else noticed?

Lavonne Halloran Reller