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Letter: My vote is for Gimse

Supporters of Rice have crossed the line of decency with deceit to regain a DFL seat in the Senate. Embellishing the truth is foolish. The DFL and Rice supporters are personally attacking a business' misfortune with blatant lies and manipulations. Our poor economy had a significant negative impact on construction and real estate. As a newly developed business, Gimse Brothers Inc. had financial struggles but they have been resolved.

Gimses did not file bankruptcy, the loan was not defaulted nor was there a court hearing. Absolute lies. The postcards also lead voters to believe that Gimse Brothers has not paid its property tax on a multitude of properties in Kandiyohi County.

The untwisted truth is the field in City Heights has been divided into 12 parcels, the payment on the property tax was delayed but the debt has been cleared.

Another half-truth is Gimse voted his pay to increase by 46 percent. The senator's income is the same; however his per-diem to cover traveling expenses and such was increased.

The ugly tone of these postcards is offensive, especially when the DFL and Rice claim to be the party of the poor and needy. Shame on them. Kicking a person that has experienced hard times in his business is cruel. Rice's self-proclaimed integrity should be flushed in the toilet.

My vote will be going for a good man who knows firsthand how the economy affects my family and employment and will continue to provide common sense ideas in managing our district and state challenges. There is only one choice, Joe Gimse for Senate.

Russell E. Quist