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Letter: A nation divided by our fears

Wednesday was one of those rare days when Minnesota Public Radio did not air.

Scrolling through the airwaves I happened upon Rush Limbaugh. I forced myself to listen to an hour of angry hate-filled spewing about our president and all other leftist liberals. He labeled our president a kook, a freak and lunatic. Limbaugh said that our president made him want to throw up. He denounced everyone at the United Nations Assembly, saying that it is filled with insane people inspired by our president.

When a caller called in to say he had a different perspective on the president, the caller was quickly cut off and chastised.

Our president was ridiculed, scorned and mocked for saying that as a nation we can do better than we have, that we will no longer use torture and will close Guantanamo, that we will support a peaceful resolution between Israel and Palestine, and for every proposal that he made.

What is so terrible about a leader who seeks peace and reconciliation? Who articulates a desire for nuclear arms control? Who seeks health care for all? Who seeks a world with just economics that brings up the standard of living for the poor in our nation and abroad? Who seeks to work with leaders around the world to create a world that is sustainable for generations to come with innovative alternative energy and reduction of our carbon footprint? What is so bad about using diplomacy to iron out conflicts?

I have heard it said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Rush Limbaugh is a divider building upon people's fears and insecurities. Will the people be dragged down by his message of fear, self-righteousness and hate or by compassion, wisdom, reason and hope?

What if Jesus became president? Would Rush shout an angry call to crucify? Whose voice would people listen to?

Vicki Poier