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Letter: A nation that's falling behind

As a good parent, when one raises a family they want to see their children do well. Most good parents work hard in trying to make this country (America) a better place than when we were growing up. We try and make it better in technology, in education and to make it better economically.

Right now under the current leadership (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) we are being surpassed in technology, education and the economy by what once were considered Third-World countries! I now see where President Obama is even talking about not filling some vacancies in government, due to a budget (spending) crisis.

He even has said that veterans may have to wait for the processing of disability claims. How ironic; if you are a veteran you can just wait.

I see now where the Democrats/liberals are so desperate that they are even dangling a carrot in front of the seniors with a proposed (one-time) $250 check to Social Security recipients. If that isn't vote buying I don't know what is. If we are to leave America in much better shape than when we found it, we must elect fiscally and morally conservative leaders.

Earl Pederson