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Letter: The new religion of PC

Because being a Christian nowadays means you cannot stand up and defend your faith, you cannot post or voice your beliefs, and upon pain of slander by the politically correct, you must certainly never say that there is a definitive line in the sand drawn between right and wrong.

PC is the newest religion to embrace all of the corrupt who have no backbone, other than the iron spine of a mob. Individually the PC will never confront you with points of logic reinforcing his point of view. He will be silent as you speak and gnashing his teeth in outrage gets the mob to audit your taxes, key your car, have you downsized from your occupation, and have your children mentally and physically abused in their playgrounds.

I thank God I am past 50 years old. My elected representatives will not defend my country's Constitution, as they have sworn to do. The only stand they have ever taken is their belief in every criminal's right to due process. Why is it there is always an attorney willing to stand and defend a Jeffrey Dahmer, but never Jesus of Nazareth? We have become a house of cards and they were all dealt from the bottom of the deck.