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Letter: No help for the little people

There are many people in the process of foreclosure or who have already lost their homes to a sheriff's sale. It has become an epidemic and caused several families a lot of heartache. Where is the help from the government when the people need it?

The big banks and mortgage companies were bailed out by the government and big companies were supposed to help people in financial trouble when it came to their homes. From my own personal experience, this hasn't been the case. When you call to communicate with these companies, their phone representatives talk to you after waiting sometimes 30 minutes to get through. All they can do is note that you called. They cannot give you the answers or the help you truly need. How is this helping?

Many of us now have to go out and find other homes to rent and in the process we are losing part of ourselves, along with long-standing family members which are our pets. Is it any wonder why the suicide rate has gone up in the United States?

My solution to all of this is for the government to bail out the people instead of the big banks and let them stay in their homes at a subsidized rental rate. So many homes sit empty for long periods of time and benefit no one. Why can't these homes be used as rental properties? This to me would be a better way for the government to bail out its people.

It's supposed to be "We the people," not the government with endless deep pockets. The little people could fund this government better and fix the deficit in record time because we wouldn't spend money so foolishly.

Dana Willprecht