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Letter: No mudslinging by Vogel

They say negative campaign ads work... but in rural Minnesota, nobody likes it!

A recent letter to the editor about our local campaigns said "let the mudslinging begin." I worked with Bruce Vogel on both of his runs for the House of Representatives, and I know Bruce is committed to running a clean campaign. He didn't "sling mud" in his first campaign and I know he will not now.

I have learned that much of the time a candidate is not aware of the ads being presented. Many outside interests will send mailers, purchase ads in the newspapers, and place ads on the radio without the campaign's knowledge or consent.

Make note of who paid for the ad. If it doesn't say "paid for by Friends of Bruce Vogel" then the chances are great that the candidate is seeing it or hearing it for the first time as well.

Bruce Vogel has a great record and true values to run on. You'll see no "mudslinging" from him!

Chris Davis