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Letter: No peace at the cemetery

I want to say thank you to Leah Fernelius for writing the letter regarding the Spicer City Cemetery. Unlike her, I have many loved ones buried there.

When I went to the cemetery this spring to trim the shrubs that I had planted there, to my dismay they had been mowed down like so much trash. The one on my parents and sister's grave site was planted when she was killed in 1956 and it never seemed to cause any problems until now.

Needless to say, I shed a few tears over all the beautiful rose bushes, lilacs, peonies, etc., family members had planted as memorials to their loved ones, now all gone. I would put out my live plants on Memorial Day and go to the cemetery three or four times a week during the summer to water and cut off the spent blooms, and yes, spend a while talking to my loved ones.

This has been taken away from me. Now when I go out there it is not the beautiful place I knew with the flowers, flags and memorial statues, but a very cold and barren place. I rescued my plants so they did not join all the others that were thrown into the Dumpster. I know in our lives we have to make changes, but I'm not sure this change is a good one.

Carol Burns