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Letter: No rules needed for bows, arrows

I noticed the Willmar City Council is having a public hearing on bow and arrow regulation on Aug. 19.

I have to work that evening and won’t be able to attend. But there are several things I would like to know.

First off, have there ever been any injuries in the city due to target archery shooting?

Is the city going to build a public archery range when they literally ban archery target practice on your own property? There are plenty of safe places to build a public range inside the city limits if needed. The old water treatment plant land would work fine. Lots of other cities provide archery ranges for the public.

How did they come up with the unrealistic 8-foot by 16-foot backstop? Most ranges I’ve seen don’t even have backstops that large.

I’m sure the Little Crow Archery Club won’t object to but rather promote this ordinance because it could be a big booster for membership dues. There are still a lot of archers in Willmar that don’t belong to organized clubs.

Lastly, almost any activity one does requires some common sense. Unless a problem develops or can be shown to exist, governments shouldn’t be trying to regulate it.

Michael Thompson