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Letter: No safe haven anymore

Recently we were alerted to the fact that tombstones in our cemetery were being damaged beyond repair and possibly in need of replacement. We were angered and realized we must have some truly mentally deranged people living among us. It's unreal to think anyone would desecrate the resting place of our loved ones for selfish reasons.

I have a personal reason for writing this because I want to alert to all of you that you, too, should take care when you want to leave this world with an intact and well planted resting place, because even our cemeteries aren't safe havens anymore. I planted flowering plants on my beloved mom and dad's grave site this Memorial Day and just now my son and I visited there to find a big empty hole and the flower plant gone. Isn't anything in this world safe and sacred anymore?

I sincerely hope that the person who dug up (stole) the flowers at my parents' grave site will take time to reflect on their bad actions and realize what they have done. Do you have a conscience?

Gladys M. Johnson, Willmar