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Letter: No unity in Obama's speech

I am amazed that your headline in the paper on Sept. 10 stated, "Obama calling for unity." Where was the unity in his speech? In my mind he offered an olive branch with one hand and a slap with the other hand to anyone who disagrees with him. He talked about bickering, games, scare tactics, lack of honest debate and finished with "I will call you out." Is that unity?

I was waiting for him to say, "I hear the voice of the American people," "Let's start over with a bi-partisan bill," "I have read the bill that you Republicans are waving in the air." Are these statements that lead to unity?

His explanation on how he is going to pay for this by the savings from misspent Medicare funds and fraud shows he has little respect for the intelligence of the American people. If there are misspent funds and fraud in the Medicare system, then fix it now, we do not need a bill for that. See how much money can be saved before spending what we do not have.

I ask you, is this unity? I think not.

Rita Potas