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Letter: Not a matter for the attorneys

Since Dec. 11, there have been 31 letters and articles about Scott Wagar in the Tribune. Why haven't the students involved been arrested for criminal trespass? Why has a suit not been brought against them for the damage to his property?

Put yourself in Wagar's shoes, waiting for homecoming week. You know a large group of vandals are heading your way. You may not have known after the first year of their rampage, but certainly after the third, you knew this wasn't going to stop. You go to law enforcement because you know you cannot take measures into your own hands. Lo and behold, nothing is done.

How many more years must this man be abused before the very professional and keen-eyed personnel of the Sheriff's Department notice a pattern? Or is it a religious thing? Should this man, who has done nothing to warrant the students' behavior, be expected to drop to his knees each homecoming celebration and "forgive those who trespass against me"?

He is being charged for trying to defend his property without resorting to violence. This is not a matter for attorneys. He has a right to be left alone by these student cowards. Perhaps good men in the county would like to meet for coffee at this man's farm during the next week of homecoming? Perhaps there are no more good men? The fathers of these rampaging students surely aren't good men.

To solve the problem, perhaps it is best to condemn Wagar's property under eminent domain. You could turn it into lighted midnight basketball courts and a skateboard park. Wagar's now enlightened neighbors will then silently endure the student abuse for fear of being removed from their property. Now that is justice.

David Harding

Davenport, Iowa

Willmar High 1970 graduate