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Letter: Not a win for this taxpayer

As the top story in the Sept. 23 paper states, "Big win for local taxpayers." Did anyone do the math on what the percentage of savings stated for the wastewater treatment plan? It is not even a 1 percent savings. Why do they call that a big win? Who are they trying to fool? And who really is responsible for these decisions on how the taxpayer money is spent?

My next question is, who was responsible for choosing the site of the new airport? According to my research, the elevation to the new airport is the same elevation as the bottom of the nearest lake, St. Johns Lake. The lake water level of St. Johns Lake is 10 feet above the new airport's elevation! Why was a multimillion-dollar airport built on a lake bottom? Who decided on this location?

Is it the same ones who made the decisions on the wastewater treatment plant? I am a farmer west of town. These projects have to date taken 10 percent of my farming operation. We have gone through eminent domain two times. And both times have not been able to replace land for the value of what was taken.

All I want is at least replacement value to the land. Is that too much to ask? Or even exchanges for other farmland the city currently owns. I have already asked and was told no! I was even told the city would not give a "betterment," but it seems they would gladly give a "worsterment," if this is a word!

Now the easements the city returned are just a big mud hole! Or why cannot they give the deal they give Hormel Foods? Is the only language the city knows a lawsuit? I am just too small for them to consider that I too create jobs? Cannot we have better people to represent us? It seems they would rather spend the money on high-priced lawyers then actually give someone a fair deal. I am a taxpayer and this is not a big win for me!

Daniel Groothuis