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Letter: Nothing learned since 9/11

In response to Chad Ridler (Public Forum, Jan. 23), I said 80 percent of the world's poinsettias were grown in Africa, and then shipped to Holland. The United States is not the whole world like some people think. Also Mexico has a reputation for being one of the lowest paying countries. They are probably paid less yet. Why do you think we have such a problem with all of them trying to enter this country, just like Europe does with people from Africa, etc.?

Was that in 2011 that you worked for 75 cents an hour? Not sure what Clara City Schools pays but I thought it was more than 75 cents an hour. Fifty-four years ago when I got married I was making 75 cents an hour in Spicer. I left town and became a tool maker without a sheepskin -- not a rich one but one that afforded us a good living. We have that chance in America which they don't in a lot of countries. What does the American Civil Liberties Union have to do with you making 75 cents an hour?

My Bible says Jesus fed the multitudes, healed the sick, and walked with the poor. Not sure what yours says; to me that means take care of them!

In my last letter I forgot to add this to the end about guns not killing people, right wingers do. Like in Norway where he killed all those children because of their parents' left-wing beliefs, or Germany where three people killed at least 10 for ethnic cleansing. In Arizona he killed a 9-year-old child plus others and shot Rep. Gifford in the head for her views. In Germany they are moving to outlaw the extremist party. In the U.S. they are the front runner for president. We didn't learn a lot from 9/11.We still run people that preach hate.

We have a poinsettia in our home, it's a catch-22 and bothers me.

Harlan Broers

Clara City