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Letter: The NRA isn’t the bully

First off, I’d like to thank Harold Petersen for his excellent letter in the April 22 paper.

As I read this, President Obama’s Rose Garden speech was on KWLM. I had already watched this on television. I think it’s really pathetic for a president to go before the world and act like a 5-year-old crybaby. He surrounds himself with “victims” (brought in by him with millions of taxpayer dollars) to get sympathy. Then for 13 minutes he cries and rants about how the Senate let him down.

I don’t know where he pulled his 90 percent figure from, but in an April Gallup poll only 4 percent of the people polled thought that gun control was important enough to spend time and money on. The majority thought the budget, employment, the national debt, etc. were what is important.

An April 18 Washington Post/ABC News poll showed 51 percent of the people polled felt safer with guns in the home; 29 percent felt less safe. This poll was a complete turnaround from the one done 13 years ago. A lot of the data used by gun control advocates is old data that is no longer correct.

I’m getting really tired of hearing the NRA getting blamed for everything. They are not the large bully that liberals make them out to be. They are ordinary citizens trying to protect our constitutional rights. There are thousands of gun laws on the books already and a lot are supported by the NRA. However our system fails to use these laws so why pass more? Bad people won’t abide by them anyway. Who else do we have to worry about?

In closing I’d like to emphasize a few points. Obama and his cohorts are the bullies. They don’t care about lives which is plain to see by their stand on abortion. They don’t tell the truth and use outdated figures. They waste millions of taxpayer dollars to push their agenda. They cry when the majority of Americans don’t go along with them.

Don Molenaar, Raymond