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Letter: Obama is ruining America

I have been unfairly called a liar. Normally I wouldn't respond to a ridiculous letter either but after getting accused by Wesley Hazlett of being a liar, I need to defend myself.

If he considers true facts about President Obama to be hate-filled, he better realize that Obama is doing hateful things. Hazlett should have explained how Obama can be a Christian and yet is the most pro-abortion president in history.

He is dead wrong on his claim that zero taxpayer dollars fund Planned Parenthood for abortion.

Also, how a Christian gives astronomical amounts of our money to the Muslim Brotherhood like Obama?

He claims Obama has a plan for cutting wasteful spending. Shouldn't he start with himself and cut back on their endless vacation when trips on Air Force One cost taxpayers a lot of money and he and Michelle fly separately?

As for his promoting openness and transparency in government, we know that does not happen in this administration. Republicans were totally shut out on what his Obamacare contained and Democrats hadn't even read it.

Hazlett claims his stimulus plan worked but it did not. His saving GM cost taxpayers enormously and Ford Motor Co. did not need any bailout to do well, did they?

Hazlett doesn't think we're in an economic catastrophe now? What does he call the mess we're in?

I remind him that Obama did not "get" bin Laden He hasn't even been a soldier but he grabbed the chance to take credit that was our extremely brave military that captured him and Obama wanted to drastically cut defense spending.

Anyone who quotes the Bible is not spewing lies to "suit herself." The Bible contains no lies and anyone who claims there are is suiting himself.

No Republican wants to see America fail but Obama is a failure regardless of what Hazlett claims. If George Bush was such a failure he should have listed them.

If Obama gets another term in office and continues his reckless spending, America will simply be unable to recover from the debt, and if doesn't defend Israel there will be other consequences.

Inga Mae B. Urke