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Letter: Obama won; get over it

Earl Pederson, you have succeeded in spewing enough hogwash in your letter (Oct. 11) that I will actually waste my time writing this exercise in futility. Any amount of truth will not be sufficient enough for you to overcome your dislike or hatred for our president, but here it is anyway.

President Obama defeated Mitt Romney and was elected to his second term with Americans knowing that the Affordable Care Act was a reality. Republicans fought this law from the beginning even after the Supreme Court upheld the law. This was almost the same thing as Romney’s successful health care plan for Massachusetts,

American voters were clearly on the side of President Obama. Now Tea Party Republicans in the House demand to shut the government down if President Obama doesn’t allow a bill to proceed that would de-fund Obamacare.

We’re trying to make America’s health care system available to all, and more efficient. How cost-effective is it to have uninsured people with the sniffles sitting in the emergency room demanding medical attention while taxpayers pick up the bill? Bet they won’t miss a payment on their smartphone. I’m sure there will be rough spots to work out but let’s give it a try, man.

Your absurd statements like “You can bet that Putin, former member of the KGB, knows more about America than most Americans do — that includes Obama” and “Obama wants to close down the ocean off the southern tip of Florida” are pretty funny.

Your letter proves that the country has never been more polarized than it is now. Obama won, get over it and be an American. Even I found a few good things about Richard Nixon and George W. Bush.

Wesley J. Hazlett