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Letter: Obama's failed energy policy

Today we found out that our Department of Energy has issued a permit to Petrobras to drill deep water for oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Big deal, you say. It wouldn't be except Petrobras is the national oil company of Brazil. The Department of Energy will not give a permit to any U.S. drilling company or British, but Brazilian or Chinese, no problem!

On top of that our president told the Brazilian president we will be one of their biggest customers. To make that happen, Obama has directed his Department of Energy to give a billion-dollar grant to Brazil for increased deep-water drilling!

All of these facts can be found on the government's websites. This administration has done nothing to ease the burden on middle class; quite the contrary. We have seen the largest increase in food prices, and one of the highest unemployment rates. Now we are about to suffer through a massive energy price increase. Still this administration claims no inflation in sight. Really? Have you been to the grocery store lately, or filled your gas tank?

Understand this is exactly what Obama had in mind. In his own words, not mine, "Under my plan energy prices will necessarily skyrocket to make alternative viable."

So here we are suffering a diminished standard of living to prop up his incompetent failed doctrine.

Michael Loos

New London