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Letter: Obama's reelection quandary

In my opinion, if President Obama wants to be re-elected, he has to persuade his constituents into believing that huge chunks of history have mysteriously disappeared. And more importantly, in order to accomplish that, he has to give the impression that huge chunks of reality have also disappeared.

For example, in order for him to win, he has to disregard the last three decades of growth in this country, and when he does that, he will be forced to throw one of his former counterparts, Bill Clinton, under the bus. That's because the Clinton administration fostered the plan to reduce the number of people on welfare. In fact, the Clinton administration moved so far to the right that they even laid claim to having balanced the budget.

In my opinion, Obama's policy of trying to achieve income equity is also bogus. This policy comes straight out of the community agitator's playbook to create tension and encourage mob activity, such as what we've been seeing with the controversial "Occupy" movements that have been taking place throughout America. The liberals encourage disgruntled people to march in the streets and protest everything, from the excesses of Wall Street millionaires to eating cold food, because that's how it's always been done.

Obama also can't afford the luxury of recognizing any of President Reagan's accomplishments, just like he can't afford to recognize any of former President Clinton's accomplishments. For him to have any hope of getting re-elected, like I said earlier, he has to write the last three decades out of our history books, and pretend they never happened.

Obama's predicament is reminiscent of a quote by Mark Twain: "If you pick up a cat by the tail, you will learn a lesson you can't get any other way." Whether Obama likes it or not, elections are won by moving towards the center, and it looks as though Obama has been defiantly resisting that option. Like in Mark Twain's quote, it's becoming more and more apparent that Obama is going to have to "learn a lesson you can't get any other way!"

Norm Baker